Migration guide

Migration guide

Migrating from 1.x

If you're still using Unform in any version below 2.0.0, we highly recommend you follow this guide.

Package name

Unform 2.0 added support for React Native and we moved our codebase to a monorepo. With this change, all packages were renamed.

yarn remove @rocketseat/unform
yarn add @unform/core @unform/web
  • @unform/core: Core functionalities, needed in web and mobile;
  • @unform/web: Web integration, used in ReactJS;
  • @unform/mobile: Mobile integration, used in React Native;

Use the platform (web/mobile) package to import the Form component; you can import all the other functionalities directly from @unform/core.

Input components

Since Unform 2.0, the package does not include input controls anymore, so you cannot import Input, Select, or any other input components from Unform library.

Now you need to create your input controls following the Recipes and Third-party examples here in docs. Check the Simple input guide to create your first input control.

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