Unform is a performance-focused API for creating powerful forms experiences for both React and React Native. Using hooks, you can build lightweight and composable forms based on ultra-extensible components. Integrate with any form library, validate your fields, and have your data out of the box.

Designed to have zero design

As a form API, Unform was designed to have zero design. Easily integrate with UI libraries or CSS-in-JS solutions to build form components and display errors, change colors, add icons, and use your style guide.


Unform exposes hooks to integrate with any form library, such as React Select and React Datepicker. Access form data, errors, refs, and more manually from within your component using the form reference.

Complex data and relationships

Using Unform nested fields API, you can quickly create complex form structures with no effort, despite the back-end data, keeping form structures reusable and straightforward.