Reset form

Reset form

Don't use the <input type="reset" /> to reset the form data. It won't work correctly with Unform and may cause bugs.

There are two ways to reset all form data:

1. Reset after submit

Besides the data, the onSubmit function also receives a second parameter with form helpers:

export default function SignIn() {
function handleSubmit(data, { reset }) {
return <Form onSubmit={handleSubmit}>...</Form>

2. Reset form manually

If you need to reset form data without a submit use the reset function exposed inside form reference.

export default function SignIn() {
const formRef = useRef(null)
function functionThatResetsForm() {
// You can also clear a single input value
return (
<Form ref={formRef} onSubmit={handleSubmit}>
<Input name="email" />
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